Dear Pet Owner,


We found Lynn (The Pet Nanny) totally by accident and have never been happier.  We had a 3lb., 19 year old, decrepit Chihuahua with a heart condition, a 20lb., extremely angry, unfriendly cat and a 100lb., recently rescued Rottweiler who was still learning social skills and that people would not hurt her.  To say that we were a "special needs" family is a bit of an understatement.

We needed to take a trip out of state but after several weeks of looking for boarding options we were about to give up.  I had come to the conclusion that my husband would have to travel without me so that I could stay home with the animals.  Then, on a whim, I did an internet search for "dog sitter".  Not only was I shocked to get any results, I was absolutely amazed to find one who serviced Marysville since it's not exactly the state capitol.

I shot her an email from the link on her site and received a call back a day or so later.  She answered all of my questions without hesitation and had several questions of her own for us.  I was actually impressed that she wanted to know specific things about how we chose to take care of our animals during the initial "interview".  I was pleasantly surprised and a bit nervous that she didn't appear to be at all fazed by the idea of large, rescued Rottweiler.  We made plans for Lynn to come out and formally meet us and our animals before we agreed to use her services.

It took less than 1 minute for us to take her seriously and really open our minds to the idea that this might work:  she stepped out of her car, walked directly up to us and our muzzled, harnessed, skittish, learning to be loved Rottweiler and immediately started to talk to her.  The dog who had to this point only learned to trust and love us took to her immediately.  Within minutes we were all comfortable enough to take off the muzzle and let our Rottie inspect her new friend while we talked.  Lynn spent almost an hour chatting with us and really getting to know our pets.

We have now used Lynn more times than I can count.  Not only do our animals love her, but I trust her completely in my home.  Not only does she feed and water them, but she takes the time to play with them.  She waters our plants, has watered our garden and even empties our nasty cat box.  To me, you know someone cares about your animals when they take the time to send you pictures of your pets while you're away.

Lynn found her calling with this business.  I'll recommend her services to anyone.